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Welcome to Guns of Stephen Dent online. I created this site to be a source for information on all sorts of guns. From Civil War antiques to World War Two and Vietnam rifles and pistols, Stephen “Sugar” Dent knows guns. (Sugar was the combat call sign given to me by the guys in my unit during Korea) I wanna give you the low down on real American gun history!

Guns of Stephen Dent is not a place to buy or sell firearms of any kind. The purpose of this site is to enhance your knowledge of American firearms history and get you acquainted with which types of guns got us through the Revolution, World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, The Gulf, Iraq & Afghan Wars that continue to rage on and more.

Stephen Dent is a gun enthusiast with a great deal of firearms knowledge. If you’re looking for information about foreign arms or firearms not used by American soldiers, then this ain’t the site for you! Start surfing the site now for information on your favorite Revolutionary muskets all the way to the Desert Eagle and beyond. Guns of Stephen Dent is the only online resource that gives you a real understanding of which guns were popularized by which American wars.

Enjoy my website and remember, you’re only as safe as your Second Amendment rights are! Have questions about the site? Wanna let me know how I did? Send me an e-mail!

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